Thursday, October 14, 2010

Riverine birds at Costa del Este

When I go to Costa del Este (Panama City), usually is to check the mudflats and the beach along the "Paseo del Mar" to then move to the grasslands next to this avenue. But last sunday morning, the "Paseo del Mar" was closed to traffic due to a marathon. So, I went directly to the grasslands, finding one Pectoral Sandpiper (more on it in my next post) and two Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks that flew away. Then, I stopped by the bridge over the Matías Hernandez river at the Main Avenue (next to the Police Station). Huge numbers of resident Neotropical Cormorants congregate here to rest at the trees or to feed by diving in these waters. One of them inspected me with its bright-green eyes... I need a closer picture of it.
Also, there was a flock of Black-necked Stilts feeding at a muddy bank... but one of them came closer, allowing photos. This population appears to reside here year-round, but it is not clear if they breed here... yet.
The place is very good for herons too. Several species roost here, like this subadult (and lazy) Yellow-crowned Night-Heron that was trying to hide from me, find some shade, or just was stretching... I guess.
After leaving Costa del Este, I paid a visit to the Panama Viejo Visitors Center where I photographed a Black-crowned Night-Heron (flying again!, but this time closer) and enjoyed the flocks of migrating raptors over the place.


  1. The 2 ducks were still at the traffic circle behind the Super 99 on Wednesday...

    Was the Yellow-crowned Night Heron feeding?

  2. @ Leslie: it was preening its belly feathers actually... I guess it wanted some privacy, jeje.