Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the way to Penonome. Part II

Yes, we did another stop on our way to Penonome. This time in Cerro Silvestre, Arraijan (west side of the Panama Canal, 15 minutes from Panama City) at the home of Gloriela's godfather where we picked up her cousin and nephew. I amused myself with the birds at the well-kept garden, attracted in part by the bananas that they left for them at the fence. In attendance were Streaked Saltators, Variable Seedeaters, Clay-colored Thrush, Palm, Blue-gray, Crimson-backed and Plain-colored Tanagers.
As you can see, several Plain-colored Tanagers were feeding with the bananas, allowing close approach (they were not intimidated by the Clay-colored Thrush at all). We said good-bye to everyone after few minutes, including to Paco... the family's Yellow-crowned Amazon, in order to continue our way to Penonome.

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