Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome december

December is the best month of the year... at least that is what I think. Is not only because of my birthday (by the way, december 24th), but also because the mom's day, the holidays and, in general, all the joy and peace feeling all around, talking with old friends and relatives, the multiple Christmas celebrations at the work, the tasty food, the traditional eggnog, the saril drink and, of course, all the old Christmas salsa music. Here in Panama we do not have the general picture of snow-covered fields and a frozen environment... but the Christmas tree (usually a non-native pine) is an increasingly common tradition (as in many other countries). December is also the month of the Christmas Bird Counts, and the Panama Audubon Society is organizing the 40th edition of this event in Panama. Time to prepare ourselves and to give the best of us counting all the birds we can in 24 hours in any of the four established counting circles (three of them along the Panama Canal). Happy december and happy birding!

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