Sunday, December 27, 2009

Destination next year: Central Peru

You read it right! Thanks to Gunnar Engblom and Kolibri Expeditions, I'll be hosting the Carpish and Satipo road trip (the fund raising special) in Central Peru on march 20, 2010. This area is one of the least known birding sites in Peru, with an incredible potential to compete with Manu road for both species and biodiversity. More important, these areas are the targets of some community-based projects on conservation, and part of the fee of the tour is directly invested in infraestructure in Carpish and Satipo road. After all, the idea of promoting these areas, inviting a host (usually a blogger, like me) to a fixed departure each month, will eventually secures a stream of birders to these communities that would leave aside their unsustainable practices to adopt the eco-tourism as an important source of incomes, thus they would protect the habitats by own need. Despite this is a short trip (8 days), it offers a great array of habitats and species, with a high density of endemics... those birds not found anywhere else on Earth (sounds good ah?). You can check out the itinerary (and book your space) here. Notice that the tour is cheaper than the regular tour offered to the same general area ($1090.00, minimun 5 participants)... this tour is for the birder that do not expect luxuries, but an intimate contact with nature because of the lack of infraestructure (improving). Interested? Make some space in your schedule next march and book your space for this amazing trip, while supporting a good cause. I'll see you there... in Peru!!!

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