Sunday, December 27, 2009

Waders assembly

This was a quite busy extended weekend, spending my B-day and waiting for Christmas at my sister's place, grill with our neighbors in Penonome the next day (finding out that I won a free birding trip to Peru!!!) and attending a wedding yesterday in Chitre, central Panama. Anyway, we still manage to have a quick visit to El Agallito beach in Chitre today in the morning, in order to check the mudflats and surroundings. The tide was very low, so we found only distant, scattered shorebirds in the mudflats... but in the mangroves close to the coast the story was different: we found an amusing flock of waders feeding very close to the road. We recorded three herons species (Great & Little Blue and Tricolored), three egrets (Great, Snowy and Cattle), a Wood Stork, lots of White Ibis and two Lesser Yellowlegs. Enjoy!

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  1. Great photos! It is not often that you see so many wading birds in one place, and of different species. At least I don't see that in New Jersey. Panama looks very beautiful.