Monday, September 27, 2010

A tiny marsh

Just a quick note. Because you can not be birding forever, after my day at the beach I went to Albrook Mall (right in Panama City) in order to pay some bills (we all have obligations!). While driving my car, leaving the mall, I saw a Whimbrel (!) landing in a tiny marshy area just across the fence between the mall and the "Marcos A. Gelabert" domestic airport. I was surprised when I saw a semi-concealed Green Heron, several Cattle Egrets, two Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks, a Wattled Jacana and the Whimbrel sharing the tiny spot! On the fence were Great-tailed Grackles , two or more Fork-tailed Flycatchers and at least seven Shiny Cowbirds! OK, maybe you CAN be birding forever after all!

1 comment:

  1. I've seen lot of activity in that tiny marsh. Lately there are building something nearby so there are not as many birds but still good!
    Everyday you could find new birds in the most unique situations! Carry your binocs always!!
    Great Pictures Jan Axel