Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lucky moments

My encounter with the Green-and-rufous Kingfisher last sunday in Pipeline road made me remind some others lucky moments there. Why lucky? OK, consider this: in more than 15 years birding Pipeline road, this is my first G&RKF there (and only my second one ever). I know the book assures it is rare to uncommon; but, as others birds, it is simply a rare sighting. Perhaps some birds are simply unconspicuous, maybe others are not around anymore (Crimson-bellied Woodpecker, Yellow-eared Toucanet, Black-crowned Antpitta). Anyway, I think is a good excuse to write about some others lucky moments that I have had in this place (and for posting pictures of great birds, though the pics are not so great). Remember that this are just my lucky moments... Pipeline road has a long list of lucky guys seeing absolutely terrific birds (Black-collared Hawk, Uniform Crake, Oilbird, Green Ibis, and so on...).

Agami Heron: this colourful forest rivers denizen was photographed on april 09 in Frijolitos (right by the bridge). Only one other sighting, more than ten years ago in Agua Salud, wading the river, deep inside Pipeline road. Great Curassow: a family group beyond Sirystes, the same day I saw my first Agami, is the only record I got of this species in Pipeline road.

Sungrebe: maybe not an uncommon bird, but definitively a rare sighting without the aid of a boat. My three sightings have been so far in november 08 and january 09 in the stretch of Gatun Lake reachable from the Rainforest Discovery Center. Marbled Wood-Quail: only two coveys by now. The last one between Juan Grande and Frijolitos a couple of months ago.Capped Heron: an individual flying over the Rainforest Discovery Center three months ago is my only sighting from Pipeline road (my photo is from Summit ponds, where it seems to be regular at the end of the dry season). Rufous-crested Coquette: a single male over the Juan Grande bridge 14 years ago is my only sighting... but it has been recorded in the Rainforest Discovery Center more recently.Sunbittern: at least three sightings in Juan Grande and Limbo, but none in several years (I have been luckier with this one in Plantation road and the western highlands where I took this picture). Wing-banded Antbird: two sightings (one week between both) on june 1997 close to "El Alamo", in Limbo.Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo: OMG!!!, this magnificent ground dweller is the reason why our hearts want to leave of the chest whenever we find a big antswarm. This january 09's photo gave me 15 minutes of fame... even Robert Ridgely commented on it via e-mail! My only other sighting was many years ago during a Christmas Birds Count in Limbo.

So, are you ready to grab your bins and camera and to expect the unexpected next time in Pipeline road?

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