Friday, February 7, 2020

Mount Totumas Cloud Forest's Hummingbirds Gallery

Last year I had the opportunity to travel all over Panama, knowing new birds and sites by the way.  Certainly, one of the Top 5 sites (not only my opinion, but my family's too) was Mount Totumas Cloud Forest, in the western highlands of Chiriqui province.  Taking advantage of some free days in November, I went with my family for a couple of nights at the lodge, which is the highest eco-lodge in Panama (at 1900 meters), surrounded by a beautiful montane forest (as you can see in the top photo).  The well-marked trails are alive, not only with birds, but with all sort of critters, mammals and other wildlife... in fact, the place is known by holding one of the greatest invertebrates collection for Panama and by recording almost all of the feline species on its trails (captured with game cameras).  But a thing that is specially spectacular in Mount Totumas is the hummingbirds show.  Several hummingbird feeders placed strategically around the property, plus plenty of flowering trees and bushes, make Mount Totumas a hummingbird's heaven.
Gloriela using the hummingbird hat (featuring Snowy-bellied and Talamanca Hummingbirds)
The hummingbirds are used to people, so it is not rare to feel them close to you when they pass swiftly.  They will even feed right at your face, if you use the hummingbird hat!  They have a list of more than 25 different species of hummers for the property.  Of course, some are rare or do not visit the feeders, while others are seasonal... but the regular visitors are so amazing that you will spend hours admiring them without noticing it.  With some patience, you will get amazing shots, like the one I'm presenting in the next gallery
Glorious adult male Green-crowned Brilliant.
Talamanca Hummingbird.  This adult male is showing why its former name ("Magnificent") was  well earned.
Adult male Violet Sabrewing, one of the largest hummingbird in Panama
Lesser Violetear... what a boring name for such a great creature
Adult male White-throated Mountain-Gem.  The photo make him no justice!
Adult male Stripe-tailed Hummingbird.  A little jewel for sure.
I don't know what I like more, the contrasting Snowy-bellied Hummingbird or its pink perch.
Aptly named Scintillant Hummingbird, and adult male.
The star of the show: adult male Magenta-throated Woodstar.
So, what you think?  Amazing right!

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