Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gabrielle's Panama

When my father-in-law acquired the "finca" almost 10 years ago, the site was only pastureland with scattered shrubs in the outskirts of Penonome (Cocle province, central Panama).  Instead of clean it up, he decided to reforest with native plant species.  Then, a family tradition began.  He gave his eldest grandson, Jean-Michael, a Panama tree, and planted it together in the property.  Some years later, he did the same with his second grandson, Kevin.  Both Panama trees stand imposingly in the middle of a completely reforested finca that stands out from the surrounding pastures and teak plantations.  This year, it was Gabrielle's turn to plant a Panama tree with his grandpa.
Gabrielle, her grandpa Rogelio and the Panama tree seedling (notice other native trees in the background)
The Panama tree (Sterculia apetala) is our national tree, and is native of this part of the country.  These trees can reach up to 40 meters height (usually 25 meters) and close to 2 meters in diameter.  They are prized for their adaptability, need for little care and the shade they offer when grown.
Gabrielle planting her Panama tree
After a while, she sought for the help of our friend, the professor Ortiz... she simply said "mucha tierra" (too much earth), and Ortiz helped her with his shovel.
Ortiz, Gabrielle and Rogelio
We hope this is the first of many planted trees for Gabrielle.  After all, we need more of this in our world.  After almost 10 years reforesting, the results are obvious... what I mean?  Check the next post and you'll see!
Passion fruit flowers, at the finca
P.D. : All photos by Gabrielle's grandma, Gloriela.

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