Friday, August 15, 2014

Double celebration!

One day like today... but 495 years ago, Panama City was founded as the first one in the Pacific coast of the recently discovered world by the Spaniards.  According to history, it was Pedro Arias de Ávila who founded the city on august 15th, 1519.
The original city was destroyed during a pirate attack in 1671, and now only some ruins stand out (Panama Viejo).  The most impressive is the bell tower of the Catedral Nuestra Señora de Asunción (above); however, other important structures have been restored, one of the most impressive is the Convento de la Concepción where I took the photo of the virgin in the glass box below.
I'm sure the Spaniards would be impressed with the new and modern city that exists today only a few miles away from the original town; however, would be even more impressed with the Panama Canal that, coincidentally or not, was inaugurated exactly 100 years ago, on august 15th, 1914.

In fact, they were who first thought of making a canal across the isthmus to link both oceans.  Yes, in 1534, King Carlos V ordered the first feasibility studies for this project... of course, the necessary technology would not exist until the 19th century.  Now, the Panamanian are proud of this magnificent engineering work, uniting the oceans and the world!
Happy august 15th!

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