Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Well... after all in Panama we do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day... coincidentally, today is our Independence Day!  One day like today, but 192 years ago, Panama won its independence without shedding a drop of blood, putting an end to 320 years of Spanish rule.
Declaration of Independence.  Source:á_de_España
We celebrate this day with patriotism and pride, remembering our roots and customs, hearing "Marcha Panamá" (here played by the firefighters' band)... 
or wearing our typical dresses (here, Gloriela is using a "Sombrero Pinta'o" -Painted Hat- and Gabrielle is wearing a "montuno").
Gabrielle with a typical dress (and a drum) 
However, since we have many foreign friends that call Panama their second home, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Well, there are no native turkeys in Panama... but this close relative was found by Gloriela in her trip to Guatemala...
Ocellated Turkey
... and this Panamanian species looks pretty similar... only less fancy!
Great Tinamou

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  1. And we are thankful for your hospitality, welcoming us to our second home. ¡Vive Panamá!