Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My wife went to GUATEMALA, and brought me...

... lots of things!!!, including the two field guides pictured above: The Birds of Tikal (a classic guide) by F.B. Smithe and the practical Birds of Mexico and Adjacent Areas (Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador) by E. Preston Edwards. She stayed all the past month, and took advantage of the free weekends to explore this Central American country blessed with a rich culture, beautiful landscapes and diverse nature. She also brought me, among the souveniers, plenty of photos from her trips, including some birds' photos! Here I'm showing only a little sample of her most memorable moments in Guatemala, including her visit to several picturesque towns in the shores of the majestic Lake Atitlan (that's her in San Pedro de la Laguna, with the San Pedro and Atitlan volcanoes in the background) where she experienced part of the diverse ethnicity this country has to offer (and where she took the photo of the American Coots, resident birds there). Certainly, one of the most spectacular experiences was during her visit to the world-famous Tikal. The monumental buildings and pyramids are simply incredible... and the nature and wildlife surrounding the complex is impressive as well. Can you imagine Ocellated Turkeys walking close to you while you are admiring the legendary Maya city?
Hard to believe eh? And what about her trip to the -active- Pacaya volcano, reaching the highest slopes and seeing the sunset while admiring others three magnificent peaks (Fuego, Agua and Acatenango volcanoes) in the distance?
She wants to thanks Diana for receiving her and Yeri for the company, and all the friendly people she met in Guatemala. Also to the Instituto de Dermatología y Cirugía de Piel (INDERMA) and all its medical staff for opening its doors. And I want to thank all the people that took care of her during her long stay. Surely this was not her last visit to Guatemala!

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