Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visiting an old friend

Do you remember the Cape May Warblers that took residence at the Panama Audubon Society's office in Panama City? For several weeks now, nobody have reported them, so I went this afternoon to the office to try it. The neighborhood where the office is located have many common and tame birds, easily photographed, so the warblers are not the only attraction. The presence of gaudy tropical birds like toucans, parrots and trogons surely is due to its proximity to forested areas. For example, the first thing I noticed was a group of Gray-headed Chachalacas crossing the street and perching on a palm tree. These birds look like Spielberg's Velociraptors when they run in the ground! In others places, where they are still hunted, they can be shy... but is not the case there. After saying hello to Rosabel (the only one in the office), I waited in front of the warblers' preferred tree. A pair of Social Flycatchers were the only ones in that place, calling and flying to one side to another. I did not hesitate because it was still early in the afternoon, the Cape May Warbler usually appears around 6:00 PM. Despite I was completely focused on the preferred tree, a movement in a nearby mango tree caught my attention: two Blue-headed Parrots were feeding on the mangos. These parrots are quite common in the city, but you usually gets them flying. Not too far, a multicolored Keel-billed Toucan was doing its croacking call. They are simply beautiful, and I'm glad that we can call them as common "city birds" here in Panama. At the expected hour, the adult male Cape May Warbler showed up in the expected tree! Come on, how can you get tired of such an impressive warbler! The bird checked the middle and upper levels of the tree and then flew to the mango tree where I took my last photo. It was nice to see this old friend again, and if you are in the city and still need this rare warbler for your Panama list, you still have time!

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