Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playa Guio's night creatures

After our excellent first day birding around Playa Guio  and Laguna Negra (Guaviare, Colombia), Rafael Cortes, Mauricio Rueda and your blogger host were ready to have a well deserved rest at our cabin, realizing that we were not alone.  In the forest surrounding us, many of the birds that we saw during the day was just starting to become active... and that was marked with lot of noise!  First, a very familiar voice for me... a Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl started calling as soon as the sun disappeared.  It reminded me Penonomé (Coclé province, Panamá), where one of this awake me every morning!  The photo was taken in the morning very close to the cabins.
I heard a distant Tropical Screech-Owl... its characteristic call is the reason why we call it currucutú in Panamá.  Curiously, we saw a sleepy bird inside a dense bamboo thicket in our way to the Guaviare river during our morning walk.
And talking about the Guaviare river, we saw another night creature during the day in its shore.  The nighthawks, as the name suggest, are associated with darkness... but the Sand-colored Nighthawks are frequently found in daytime resting in sandbars or at trees, as we did that day.
However, the most impressive voice of the night was the explosive, loud and bombastic BUAAAARRRRRR!!!!! of the Great Potoo.  We were lucky enough to see not one, or two, but three different individuals around Playa Guio and Caño Negro creek roosting vertically, perfectly camouflaged thanks to their cryptic plumages.
So it was a productive first day -and night- in Playa Guio... keep in touch if you want to know what we found the next day!

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