Monday, April 2, 2012

More than hummingbirds at the garden

If you read my previous post, then I have to say that we saw more birds at the Enchanted Garden (in San Francisco de Sales, Cundinamarca, Colombia).  Except for the hummingbirds (of course), the most common bird at the hummingbirds feeders were the Bananaquits... dozens of them were competing with the hummers for the sugared water!
Others common species stayed close to the ground, inspecting the bushes and all the leftover around... including several Shiny Cowbirds (a female pictured here) and two or more family groups of Saffron Finches.
They also have banana feeders, attracting many tanagers, including this male Crimson-backed Tanager.  Notice the male Thick-billed Euphonia out of focus behind the tanager.
Another thraupid at the feeders was the Scrub Tanager.  They are quite common, but I can't get tired of watching them.
I'm pretty sure than many more species visit this place, but we only stayed for an hour, more or less... but what an hour!

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