Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bird of the year!

The Panama Audubon Society's pot-luck dinner was the perfect scene for the announcement of this year winners of the "Bird of the year" photography contest. PAS members, directives, friends, and even members of The 600 Club shared a very nice evening. Darien Montañez, PAS president, talked about the Christmas Bird Counts and how we are going to organize ourselves for these events, the first of them will be this sunday, december 18th (Pacific CBC). As usual, the food and beverages were excellent, just like the photo stream presentation (both of birds and birders) of Jennifer. By the end, Rosabel Miró announced the winners. My friend Rafael Luck obtained the third place with its Royal Tern in Boca del Drago, Bocas del Toro province. The second place was for Ralph Dessau with its lovely photo of a female Scintillant Hummingbird on a nest. This year's bird is the male Cinnamon Woodpecker which I took last april in Metetí, Darien. I'm so grateful with the judges and with the PAS for this honor!
Finally, Rosabel also announced the winners of the dish of the night, with three winners by popular election, two curry chicken dishes and a traditional "arroz con pollo", so congratulations for all the chefs and see you at the counts!

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