Sunday, November 14, 2010

Panama City from the Ancon Hill

After my visit to the Metropolitan Natural Park in the morning of november 10th, I went to Panama City's Ancon Hill in the afternoon to visit the main team of counters participating in the "Raptors Ocean to Ocean" of the Panama Audubon Society. I was a 12-years old kid the last time I visited the top of the hill (probably younger, I don't remember well), so it was like a new experience for me. The windy road to the top have just one lane, so you have to wait the signal of the guard at the entrance to go up. I will try that road on foot next time, since it is forested and seemed perfect for migrants. At the top, Ovidio Jaramillo, Juan Pablo Ríos, Euclides "Kilo" Campos and the enthusiastic Laura Reyes were counting each single raptor flying over the hill. Not only that, they were also collecting other data (on weather conditions), compiling the totals and explaining to all the visitors their task and the importance of this little piece of land for the migration of these raptors. I have to say that this is a great work, since many young student visit the hill with their teachers and all seemed astonished with the spectacle and with the explanations. Great work guys and congratulations. At the other hand, the place is very popular because you can get amazing views of the city and surrounds... and I took pictures:
Northwest view: the Centennial Bridge over the Gaillard Cut (the narrowest part of the Canal), with Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks in the foregorund (separated by the Miraflres lake).
Southwest view: the "Bridge of the Americas" over the Pacific entrance to the Canal, once the only permanent terrestrial connection between North and South America.
South view: the colonial Panama City (better known as the "Casco Antiguo"), with all its churches and old buildings.
Southeast view: the modern and cosmopolitan Panama City, with its skyscrapers and the Coastal Beltway next to the Pacific Ocean.
If you have a chance to visit this part of the city, took it!
The panamanian flag atop the Ancon Hill.


  1. Increible pero no conosco mi pais!

  2. bueno hermanito, cualquier día de estos te aviso si voy a un lugar de estos.