Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boat trip to Taboga island

You have to spend at least one day of your vacations at the beach. That's why when our friends Milixa and Steve invited us to join them in a trip to Taboga island in his boat we accepted immediately. Taboga (aka the island of the flowers) is a popular destintation during the weekends. A short boat ride of less than an hour connect the island with the mainland. We set sail from the Amador marina, at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal and with the Bridge of the Americas as background. The forecast predicted strong winds for the afternoon, so the plan was to spent a couple of hours in the beach and then return to the sheltered marina to have a barbecue. I brought my binoculars and my camera just in case (one never knows where the next petrel will show up). It was an uneventful trip to the island and we soon reach it, with its picturesque town and the beautiful beach (with Panama City in the background).

We had a sunbath in the beach and then a refreshing dive in the deep green waters at the bay. Each hour or two, the ferry from Panama was bringing passengers anxious to enjoy the white beaches of the island, so it was getting crowded. After a couple of hours we decided to return to the Amador marina, trying to avoid the winds, but it was a little bit late... it was a very bumpy journey with some seasickness aboard!! Thanks God it was just for a little period of time and soon we were having our barbecue at the marina, enjoying a great time.

And what about the birds? OK, we saw mostly common birds during the trip, specially Royal Terns, Frigatebirds, Pelicans, Cormorants and Brown and Blue-footed Boobies. Once in the marina, the accompanying flock of Laughing Gull includeded an adult-basic Ring-billed Gull which gave us excellent photographic opportunities.
Thank you Milixa and Steve for the wonderful experience. We hope to repeat it soon!

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  1. solo espero que para la proxima tener mas tiempo y que no haya tan fuertes olas :) pero gracias a uds. por disfrutar la travesia Saludos!!