Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An unexpected passenger

While leaving Veracruz beach last sunday, we stopped by the Farfan area just to check the mouth of the river, looking for waders and shorebirds. The tide was very low at this point, so the birds were scattered along the estuary and the mudflats. We saw Great and Snowy Egrets, plus many herons, including Tricolored, Great & Little Blue, and a lone Yellow-crowned Night-Heron that allowed us to take some pictures. When we were ready to leave the place, we were surprised by an injured White Ibis close to the car (and we were pretty sure that it was not there when we left the car, only a couple of minutes before). It seemed to have a scapular lesion and maybe a broken wing, making it unable to fly... so I grabbed it with a plastic bag and did what any sensible being would have done: to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. We had an uneventful drive to the Metropolitan Natural Park (in Panama City), where a representative of the wildlife rescue section received the injured bird, promising that they will take care of it. Well, maybe we interfered with the natural course of the world, but at least that ibis will live a bit more to discover the cure of the cancer :)

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