Tuesday, December 27, 2016

GT turns five!

Our precious Gabrielle Teresa (GT as we like to call her) is now a young 5 years-old lady, full of life and surprises... yes, is that age when they ask why for everything and each day learn something new.  The celebration started yesterday... we decided to stay in a thematic hotel room in Panama City with her  cousin Analia.  Can you guess the theme?
We did not think that two girls could have so much fun!  Welcome gifts, costumes and dresses, room service, swimming pool, and all the dolls and accesories they can dream of!  Today, after the check-out, it was time for the official birthday party at one of her favorite spot: "Mi Princesa" Fantasy & Beauty. It was an afternoon filled with fun and excitement with family and friends, and Gabrielle enjoyed it so much!
Happy Birthday Gabrielle! Mom and dad love you so much!!!

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