Monday, October 3, 2016

An expected bird in an unexpected site

Short (but exciting) note.  Each October, I hope to finally see my life Black-billed Cuckoo somewhere in Panama.  This migrant becomes fairly regular for a very short period of time during its southward migration in central Panama... the Ancon Hill seemed like the most reliable site; however, year after year somehow I manage to dip on that one!  In fact, exactly three years ago I wrote about this same bird in this blog (check it here).  Well, last friday, September 30th, I was not even thinking on Black-billed Cuckoos (obviously... it was still September!)... I was about to leave my apartment when I noticed something through the balcony... a stylized bird perched on a tree under a light drizzle... I took this picture:
Black-billed Cuckoo
Black bill, red eye-ring, not very evident under tail pattern: BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO!!!  And right at home.  What a great way to begin a weekend: Life bird and my 133th species for my balcony list.