Sunday, February 8, 2015

Still there!

In our way to Panama City from Penonome this morning, we decided to visit the Malibu pond in the way to Gorgona beach to check the status of the -now famous- Whistling Herons.  This is a species considered a vagrant in Panama; however, it seems that a pair has spent the season in our country since July 2014 (Xenornis report here).
Whistling Herons
After finding the usual suspects at the pond, I drove to the field right next to it.  Almost immediately I saw two Whistling Herons in the distance.  The photo above shows both of them... it is impressive to see how they blend into their surroundings despite their striking plumage.  Using the car like a blind, I managed to approach them and started to shoot... the closest one seemed curious.
Whistling Heron
After a while it started to feed again unconcernedly... certainly they are used to see the cars passing all day long.  At this point, my wife and mother in law were having unobstructed views with my binocs... lots of WOWs and AHHHs of course.  It was a life bird for Gloriela.
Whistling Heron
There is no way to miss this spot... just drive through Gorgona's main road until you reach the Malibu development to the left... the pond is just after this and become obvious as soon as the road deteriorates.  Who knows... probably you will be the first one to register nesting activity for this species in Panama!

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