Monday, December 22, 2014

Debbie Ann Dance Academy presents Alice in Wonderland

Last saturday, Debbie Ann Dance Academy presented its 2014 closure act at the iconic Balboa Theatre.  Students, instructors and guests performed in several disciplines, including folklore, hip-hop, aerial and modern dance, tap and, of course, ballet.
However, the main act consisted in a ballet adaptation of Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland.  Most of the main chapters of the original story were represented by the academy's student.
My daughter, Gabrielle, with her Baby Ballet companions performed twice.  First, during "The Caucus Race and the Long Tale" (chapter three)... she was a turtle.
Then, they performed during "The Queen's Croquet Ground" (chapter eight)... they all were cute flamingos!
The play was a complete success, and we were all proud to see our little Gabrielle dancing and having fun on stage with her friends.  Do I mention that she is still 2-years old?  Yes, this is her second closure act (the first one was in february, closing the summer course).  If you want to see more photos of this act, visit my facebook photo album.

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