Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bird of the Month: San Andres Vireo

The San Andres Vireo (Vireo caribaeus) is endemic to the tiny Columbian island of San Andres, in the Caribbean sea.  This species is common in a great variety of habitats within San Andres; however, due to its tiny range (restricted to 17 km2 within the island), it is considered Vulnerable by BirdLife International.
Within its island, the San Andres Vireo is quite distinctive (locally known as "Chincherry")... with no similar species.  A small to medium-sized vireo, with conspicuous yellow lores and two white wing bars.  However, it is very similar to other vireos species.. like Mangrove and Thick-billed Vireos... some of them sharing the same insular habitat.
During my last (and only) visit to San Andres Island, I found this endemic in the south part of the island.  By voice, it was quite common.  For these, and many other reasons is why we chose the San Andres Vireo as our Bird of the Month!
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