Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Escape to San Andres Island

San Andres Island certainly is a paradise tucked away in a corner of the Caribbean.  Politically belongs to Colombia, but Panama is closer (only a 50 minutes flight) and even closer to Nicaragua. This is a popular touristic destination, and we decided to spent a relaxing weekend enjoying its sandy beaches and Caribbean culture.  This was a familiar trip, I went with Gloriela and Gabrielle... NOT a birding trip... but I birded anyway!
Rose and Hayne Cays, San Andres Island
And we chose well!  Look that sea (and I'm not a beach lover)! We stayed at an all-inclusive resort builded over the waves, our room had a balcony facing the sea and nothing is more relaxing that the sound of the breaking waves in the morning.
The first day we walked along the beach front and enjoyed the swimming pools of our resort (and of a nearby one of the same chain).  I carried my bins and my camera... just in case.  Soon I started to see some common residents... and the most common of them all were the Bananaquits.  They were everywhere... they reminded me our ubiquitous Blue-gray Tanagers.
While watching the Bananaquits, a hummer appeared feeding in some red flowers.  It was easy to ID, since the only regularly occurring hummingbird in the island is the Green-breasted Mango.
Green-breasted Mango
This was a male.  Notice its chestnut tail and slightly downcurved bill.  Gabrielle was more interested in another resident of the gardens, a big crab (I'll need some help to ID this one).
Can you see the crab?
And right at the gardens, I got my first lifer.  It puzzled me at first... a dull olive flycatcher with two faint wing bars.  However, the bright orange lower mandible and, specially, the lack of eyering gave me some clues.
Caribbean Elaenia
My first Caribbean Elaenia!  Later, I saw many more... but the first is always special.  I got three more lifers the next day... do you want to know which ones?  Stay tuned for the next part of this post!

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