Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Trip to Gamboa Aerial Tram

Yesterday, both the Cubilla-Archbold and Caballero-Cubilla families decided to spent half day in the grounds of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort.  Both my sister and Gloriela won a free pass for two adults each to the aerial tram and the exhibitions.  In spite of all my years visiting Gamboa, that was my first experience in an aerial tram... and I have to admit that I was a little excited.
 After a brief introductions, we reached the facilities.  Our knowledgable guide, Juan, told us about the 14 years-old structure, which has 18 cars (some with wheelchair access), 1.2 kilometers long and a maximum height of 30 meters above the ground.
We boarded the last car and we had a pleasant trip just under the canopy.  Juan was talking about the relationship between the trees and the animals, when a troop of Mantled Howler Monkeys went out to say "hello", for the delight of the children (I was looking at the Streaked Flycatcher perched in the opposite side).
At the end of the line, a short trail took us through the forest and lianas to the 30 meters-high observation tower.
I was impressed with the tower.  The 360º view of the surrounding forest, the Panama Canal and the Chagres river was exceptional.  I took a photo of a nearby Embera village and, of course, the family photo was mandatory.
Embera village
We really enjoyed the trip, Gabrielle enjoyed it a lot!  But the trip was not over.  We visited the several exhibition rooms that the resort kept in its grounds: the fishes, amphibians and freshwater reptiles exhibition, the serpentarium, the butterfly house and the orchids exhibition.
Young Spectacled Caiman
What a great morning.  We really enjoyed it and recommend it as a good choice for a family trip!
Gabrielle and Kevin exhausted after a day in the forest!

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