Friday, January 24, 2014

Vagrant gulls still in Panama Viejo!

Just in case, the Bonaparte's Gull reported wintering in the area of Costa del Este/Panama Viejo since last november is still around.  A report of Xenornis shows photos by Rosabel Miro last sunday in Panama Viejo, resting with the huge flock of Laughing Gulls (with some Franklin's by the way).
I did a short stop by the Visitor's Center two days ago... no Bonapartes... but the third-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull that is wintering in the area was a nice consolation prize.
However, my friend Celeste wrote me today an e-mail with an attached photo of the Bonaparte's Gull in the same site... so if you still need this species for your Panama Life List... what are you waiting for?

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