Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Backyard birding at the finca

We like to go to Penonomé (central Panamá) for several reason... to escape of the noisy city, to breath fresh air, to share with friends and relatives and to relax.  However, I also take advantage to bird.  We spend last weekend in town, and I did a quick visit to the Aguadulce Salinas... but also did some birding in Gloriela's family finca in the outskirts of town.  Some years ago, this was pasture land... now is alive with trees and, of course, birds!
A short walk around the cabin produced several common species for this dry, secondary habitat.  The first I saw was a Pale-eyed Pygmy-Tyrant.  The "pygmy" part of its name is well deserved; however, the pale iris is not that evident in the field.  So far, I have always encountered this species close to the creek, the most humid part of the property.
I followed the creek for a while.  It is fresher under the burning sun, both for humans and birds!  Besides, many species are only found in that area... like our resident lek of Lance-tailed Manakins.  I saw several males... but they were shy.  Only this female stayed enough for a photo.  Notice the long and pointy central rectrices.
Others species along the creek were Rufous-capped Warbler, Yellow-olive and Sepia-capped Flycatchers... but they were shier, so I went to the more open areas hoping to find more photogenic subjects.  In fact, the open savanna with scattered trees is ideal for photographing... this Lineated Woodpecker proved me right.
I also saw Tropical Kingbirds, Streaked, Great Crested and Panama Flycatchers, Yellow-bellied and Lesser Elaenias and Groove-billed Anis.  In opposition to what happens around Panamá City, in Penonomé, the Groove-billeds are the most common anis.
Well, just a typical day in the savannas.

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