Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting a new balcony list

I don't know if I invented this, but a balcony list includes all the birds species you're able to see or hear from your balcony.  It's different to a backyard list because is not limited by the size of your garden; instead, it depends of how good your field of view is from your balcony.  My former balcony list reached 53 species... amazing considering that this was my former balcony view:
I say "former", because since two weeks ago, this is our new balcony view:
Yes, after more than five years, we moved to a new apartment in a newer and safer area of Panamá City, with many parks and recreative areas, wide avenues and many facilities... also it is larger than our former apartment... and did I mention that we also have a closer view of the Metropolitan Natural Park?
So far, I have recorded 36 species (plus an unidentified hummingbird... probably Sapphire-throated, but not sure).  Curiously, the last bird we saw in our former apartment was the first we saw in our new apartment: Gray-breasted Martins.
I don't know how many years are we going to live at our new place, but something is for sure... I'll try to exceed my former balcony list! 

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