Friday, June 14, 2013

Why did the bobwhite cross the road?

It was the typical morning of a random weekend at our house in Penonomé (Coclé province, central Panamá).  The quiet neighborhood, the smell of coffee in the air, and the fresh breeze... everything was perfect.  My mother-in-law was in the kitchen, overlooking the neighborhood's main street when suddenly she said "look those fat ground-doves".  Gloriela went to the kitchen and, after a quick glimpse, she shouted "those aren't ground-doves, but bobwhites!  Jan, bring your camera!"
And there they were, a covey of nine Crested Bobwhites nicely walking in front of our house, using the sidewalk by the way!  These birds (our typical "codornices") are common residents in the savannas of central and western Panamá, including the fields around our neighborhood in Penonomé.  In fact, I already posted a photo of a bobwhite calling from the live fence surrounding the neighborhood.
After a while, they simply decided to get to the other side of the street.  They can run quite fast!
We watched them for 10 minutes or so, they were doing bobwhite stuff, like if they were in the middle of a field... they did't seem to be distressed... they simply were there!
That's all what I need to start well a day, a cup of coffee and a covey of bobwhites!

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