Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long weekend. Part II

As I said before, I spend this last weekend with my family in Penonomé (Coclé province, central Panamá).  After a first day of birding, we spend the sunday visiting relatives and catching up with friends, but in the afternoon we went to the beach... specifically to Santa Clara beach, farther east, but still in Coclé province.
Did I mention that it was the first time of Gabrielle in the beach?  And she enjoyed the whole experience!
Besides taking pictures of my two girls, and enjoying the warm waters of the Pacific ocean, I also took some pics of the gulls at the beach... finding at least four Franklin's Gulls among the numerous Laughing Gulls.
Notice the darker hood with more prominent eye crescents, stockier shape, shorter legs and beak, and incomplete dark tail band (sparing the outermost feathers in the flying shot).
A sunny summer day with your family having fun and some gulls to shot... what else do you need? 

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  1. Cute post, love the little one and the gull in flight. Have a happy day!