Sunday, December 9, 2012

A mini twitch

I joined Osvaldo Quintero this morning in order to make a quick twitch to Gamboa town (Colon province, central Panama, merely 40 minutes from home) where a huge flock of Lesser Scaups have been reported recently.  The site was easy... at the resort marina, in the waters of the mighty Chagres river, that ultimately made possible the construction of the interoceanic canal.
In fact, as soon as we got there, we found the birds (and birders/facebook friends too...) quite far away.
I counted at least 92 birds, the highest number of scaups that I have seen so far.  A group of females was closer to shore and allowed some photos.
We didn't see more duck species at the marina, but the river was full of Common Gallinules, including some individuals pretty close to us showing the red of their legs and the lobulated toes.
There where also some scattered American Coots among the gallinules... always a good sight in Panama (as the scaups).
We just spend 20 minutes at the marina... then, we moved to the Gamboa Ammo Dump ponds... but more on that in my next post!

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