Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holidays in El Caño

Most of the next photos already have been posted elsewhere (Facebook) by me or Gloriela; however, there is a story behind them.  November is Panama's month.  We celebrates our independence(s) day(s), flag day and other regional festivities concerning revolutionary exploits.  And my dad was honored by the 4th of November Committee in his natal town of El Caño (Coclé province in central Panamá) with the designation of standard-bearer for the festivities.  Notice that he appeared at the official sign announcing the festivities (yes, as "The Popular Cubilla").
All started the night of november 3rd (our separation of Colombia day) when he received the committee banner, accompanied by many members of the community along the streets of El Caño.
The next day (november 4th, our Flag day), he headed the parade, carrying proudly our tricolored flag delivered by the maximum authorities of the district.
Mom and Dad
The Flag day is the suitable occasion to dress with our typical suits.
My niece Analia, Gloriela and Gabrielle
Great day in El Caño, with "El Popular Cubilla"!!!

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