Thursday, October 18, 2012

II National Festival of the Painted Hat

Last sunday, october 14th, I went with my family to the picturesque town of La Pintada (Coclé province, central Panamá), less than 15 minutes north of Penonomé, in order to attend the last day of the II National Festival of the Painted Hat.  La Pintada is, officially, the hometown of the painted hat, a masterpiece handmade by talented craftsmen and reflection of our culture and customs.
The festival is a showcase where craftsmen of every community of La Pintada district show their creations.  In the next photo, Gloriela and her sister Teresa are standing in front of the kiosk of Machuca community... and both are wearing painted hats.
After seeing the hats and all the other kiosks, we took our places in order to watch the parade of oxen-pulled cars showing daily life scenes of these communities and typical dresses of the region.
There were also luxurious carriages pulled by horses, lots of music, typical dishes and many more.  
We enjoyed a lot the day... I hope that you also could next year! 

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  1. Fantastic to see the sights and sounds of La Pintada festival .
    All the more for the writer sitting in south of India with a equally big canvas of culture and traditions.
    Good luck
    Kasturi G