Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bird of the month: Cinnamon Woodpecker

This edition of "Bird of the month" features a species selected as "Bird of the year 2012" by the Panama Audubon Society... yes, you're right, I'm talking about the Cinnamon Woodpecker (Celeus loricatus). For such a common species, in the right habitat, this is a beautiful bird. It is well
distributed at our Caribbean slope forests all over Panama, but also in the Pacific slope from central Panama eastward. It looks also comical, with its bushy crest and cinnamon color. As you can see, the female lacks almost all the red color that the male shows in the head, like many others woodpecker species. The Celeus woodpeckers inhabits a broad range of habitats, and all have contrasting patterns in their plumages, with some being absolutely gorgeous
patterned in yellow, black, chestnut or cinnamon. The first photo is the same individual of the winning photo, however, is not exactly the same photo due to contest rules. It is always a thrill to find such a photogenic beauty so close! For these, and many others reasons is why the Cinnamon Woodpecker is our bird of the month (and of the year)!

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