Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More birds at the finca

The Blue-crowned Motmots were not the only birds I saw during my last visit to the "finca" in the outskirts of Penonome, Cocle province (central Panama). In fact, I saw many more species than in previous visits, probably because I birded earlier than in others occasions. Not only that, I managed to take some photos for the first time of some species at the site. Starting at the creek, where I saw the motmots, a little, greenish bird caught my attention. It was actively foraging at the external leaves for periods, making some pauses for a couple of seconds (enough to take photos) to then start again. Many times heard, but that was the first time I saw a Yellow-olive Flycatcher at the finca. It is not unexpected for this part of the country, but at least its indicates that the habitat is wooded enough to support a population of this species. I moved to more drier areas with scattered big trees and lots of understore plus some grassland. This kind of habitat is rich in species, including Lesser Goldfinches. I saw a flock of at least six females and two adult males feeding in the ground, very alert of my movements, always vocalizing... they have a kind of sweet voice, the reason why they are common as cage birds in some places. Here, they fly free all over the place. Inspecting them (or inspecting me?) were a pair of Great Kiskadees and a Boat-billed Flycatcher. These species are VERY similar, but they differ strikingly in voice and in some plumage characters. Can you say which one I'm showing here? Otherwise, both are agressive, big flycatchers of open habitats. The last birds I saw was a flock of Streaked Saltator. They look and act like tanagers, they even sound like them. The taxonomic position of the Saltators is not well defined yet... some thinks they are in fact tanagers, or probably cardinals. I don't think much on that... I'm simply happy with my first photos of that species in the finca... I think the photo is quite good, what you think?


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  2. I'm in opposition of having birds as pets, specially in cages without mattering how pretty these cages can be. Nevertheless, the pet trade is still a problem in many places, including Latin America where some species are almost gone in the wild due to this practice. It is incredible that I still meet people that ask me if I have birds in my house when I say to them that I'm a birdwatcher!

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