Friday, October 28, 2011

Abundance of fish

Since kids, we have been inculcated that the name Panama derives from an indigenous word meaning "abundance of butterflies and/or fish"... now I see why! I went to the Flamenco Marina at the Flamenco Island (the last of three islands attached to Panama City by a road constructed with material from the Panama Canal excavations) trying to photograph anything I can (including a female Crab-eating Racoon looking for food at a rocky shore and a curious Brown Pelican in alternate plumage), when I noticed an old man with his grandsons and a bag of bread, throwing small pieces towards the water. I gave a glimpse over the bard of the pier... but I was not prepared for the spectacle I was about to see: tons of multicolored fish, in many sizes and shapes trying to have a piece of bread desperately! I know exactly nothing about wild fish... so, if you have any talent identifyng fish species from distant over-the-water photos, try to help me i.d. them!

And all this while seeing the fabulous Panama City skyline in the distance!


  1. Is this on the Amador Causeway?
    Sorry, I'm no help on the fish. But, the Smithsonian has an exhibit of fishes out there, as well.

  2. @Leslie: thanks! I think I saw at least something very similar to a red snapper, among others

  3. The striped fishes are Sergeant Majors and the others seem to be Sea Chubs.