Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Panama's 2010 Official Bird List

The Panama Audubon Society (PAS) just published the 2010 version of the Official List of the Birds of Panama, which includes so far 969 species. This list follows the taxonomy of the AOU's Checklist of North American Birds and includes all the recent changes made in its most recent supplements. There are some differences however. Regarding endemic species, the PAS recognizes the Escudo Hummingbird (Amazilia handleyi), the Coiba Spinetail (Cranioleuca dissita) and the Azuero Parakeet (Pyrrhura eisenmanni, following Joseph 2000) as full species. Also, the Canebrake Wren (Thryothorus zeledoni) is recognized as distinct from Plain Wren (T. modestus) following Kroodsma and Brewer 2005. In a certain strange way, this list includes the Blue-throated Toucanet (Aulacorhynchus caeruleogularis) surely following Navarro 2001, but fails to include the Violet-throated Toucanet (A. gognatus) which is present in eastern Panama. Perhaps we have 970 species instead of 969?
You can download a free PDF version of the plain list at the PAS webpage (with English, Spanish and Scientific names), or following this link.


  1. 969 it is for now. The records committee feels the split has not been studied properly. Both specimens and photos of birds around El Valle show that the break is not as clear as the paper describes it, and characteristics listed as distinctive of eastern birds appear as far west as chiriquí. it's definitely a whooping/blue-diademed motmot kind of situation.

  2. Thank you Darien, I see now. Well, I think it is just matter of time to have any conclusion about those situations (both the motmots and the toucanets).

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