Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Waders and more in El Agallito

A quick visit to El Agallito beach in coastal Chitré (Azuero Peninsula in central Panamá) last saturday produced some sleepy, overwintering Whimbrels at the mudflats, and Willets in the shallow ponds by the mangroves. Other birds at the ponds were the elegant Black-necked Stilts, five or more White Ibises, a Greater Yellowlegs and a breeding Tricolored Heron that left the place as soon as it detected me. I simply love the reflection of the birds in the water or, in the case of the first Stilt pictured in this post, the reflection of the water in the birds!
The waders were not the only birds seen during my visit. I heard, and then saw, a flying-by White-winged Dove (then, I saw an individual perched in the telephone wires by the Carretera Nacional at the town of La Arena). The Yellow "Mangrove" Warblers were singing in the mangroves, allowing some pictures. It is always difficult to photograph a warbler. Note that it not only differ in its head color from its northern (and migratory) cousins, but also in its brighter back and wings. Well, it is always nice to photograph birds!

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