Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Advices for birding in Toronto needed

That is right, I'm going to Toronto next april 21 in order to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Physicians. It is part of the prize for winning the Doctor's Dilemma contest (with the other two members of the Hospital Santo Tomas' team: Doctors Erika Barrera and Carlos Tuñon) in Panama City last february during the Central American Chapter meeting. It is going to be a short visit, and I will have little, if any, time for birding (except if owling)... so I need some advice about a good city park or any other habitat in the city. Consider that everything is going to be NEW for me!!! If you can help me, please let me know at jcaxel@hotmail.com. Of course, some other attractions are in our itinerary, including a visit to the Niagara Falls (I hope), to the CN Tower, etc, etc... I can barely sleep!


  1. I always enjoy your blog and hope to do a lot more birding in Panama. Congrats on your trip to Toronto! It's a great city and although you will be a bit early for most of the Passerines, you should still see some good stuff. If you can get to Toronto Island, that's a migration hotspot. Various parks and cementaries will also be good. At Niagara (where I grew up- American side), watch for gulls and ducks in the gorge- rather late for most but there are always some good birds around there.

  2. Thank you Patrick... very useful, I'll study the gulls.

  3. Jan...here's some advice from my Canadian friends Jack & Connie...
    "Not sure if congratulations are in order for being a doctor's dilemma, but wow. Toronto has lots of good birding. Typically, April 21 is a little early in migration, but Spring came early here this year, so maybe the birds will be ahead of schedule too. We're beginning to get the first reports of warbler arriving.
    The conference you are attending is in the heart of downtown Toronto near the lake (Lake Ontario). That's good, because birds that fly across the lake are tired and are looking for the first land they can find. Go to this website http://www.friendsofthespit.ca/spit_about.htm Leslie St.
    Spit has great birding and it's close to where you will be. The website has directions and bird and plant lists.
    There are other good birding sites, but we both agree that this is probably the most accessible given your limited amount of free time.
    Too bad the time is so short. It would have been nice to get together.
    Connie and Jack"